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Fronteers connects more than 700 experts who ensure digital accessibility with clear UX and flawless code. The association collects and shares knowledge through online and offline media, workshops and events, such as the annual Fronteers Conference. They are active and driven to put front-end developers in the spotlight, keeping them up to date and supporting them.

The work field of front-end development has developed considerably in recent years. Fronteers contributed significantly to this. Now that this goal has been achieved, it is time for a new mission and positioning of Fronteers. We determine the new proposition with a well-considered strategy. ‘Guide to accessibility’ is the renewed role of Fronteers in a nutshell. A new brand manifesto motivates each member to discover this role. The manifesto also shows the outside world what front-end developers make possible and what they stand for. Fronteers goes from ‘a club’ to leading flag bearer.

Starting point for the visual concept is ‘the guide as flag bearer for accessibility’. And guides need recognizable banners. This creates the distinct visual language for Fronteers, whereby we provide them with a visual system. Easy to apply to various projects of the association. With this visual spectacle, Fronteers can move forward for years and focus on making a better digital world: accessibilty for all.

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