Front-enders band together

Fronteers Conference is one of the largest front-end conferences in the world. During this 2-day conference, front-enders come together in Amsterdam to meet national and international speakers and colleagues from the field.

A success story that must remain a success story in the future. That is why we developed a multi-year identity, so every year Fronteers Conference puts itself strongly out there. No doubt. A professional visual basis that ensures recognizability and also leaves space for annually surprising content.

The design concept goes back to the origin: the computer screen. By making this graphic and using it as a starting point, a visual link has been created for front-enders. Due to its simplicity, it can be strongly implemented in various items: from social media posts to the scenery of Tuschinski.

Every year the style develops in a slightly different direction. Recognizable without becoming predictable. A formula that works every year.

Conference identity ’16 ’17 ’18
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Peter Peerdeman
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