Brand manifesto, nonsense or a good story?

In a world full of competition and fluctuating economies, it’s more important than ever for brands and organizations to stick out and present themselves. Showing they’re up to date, healthy, and full of fresh energy. In a vibrant visual representation of the ‘core’ of their brand, including a beautiful logo, appealing photography, and video and powerful graphic design so the branding is on point. Maybe even a ‘catchy tagline’ as icing on the cake.

That's it. You are ready.
Or not quite yet?

There is more. Many brands and organizations go even one step further. In addition to simply delivering good products and services and representing their brand visually, they have a clear vision of what their purpose is. They can present to their audience why they do what they do, why they are on earth. As a statement, also called a brand manifesto. They come in very different tones and length, whether in typical Dutch or English for that ‘grand feeling’. While some are very down to earth and to the piont, others are full of drama and moving you to the point of tears. You will find them in all shapes and sizes. And with the right fitting brand manifesto is a valuable addition to your brand and branding.

With a manifesto one can tell a striking story about your ‘brand core’. Simply in one take, striking the right chord, connecting with your audience. Bringing sincerity in all that you tell is pivotal. The last thing you want is to alienate your audience, because of lame humor or an unbelievable storyline with a lot of blah, blah,blah and fake promises. That won’t work in the long term. Your audience is not foolish. They will see through it quickly enough.

So if you do it right, you have an extra tool to get the attention from your (new) customer by, not only visually, but also emotionally letting your brand shine. It’s the difference they feel for choosing you over your competitor. They might even start to fall in love with you, in the best case. The ultimate confirmation of your brand’s right to exist… It’s good to have ambitions, right?

A brand manifesto is
fuel for short copy,
taglines and an enrichment
for branding

A good brand manifesto also provides value in another area. An honest and powerful statement also speaks to coworkers in the organization. It benefits the internal work environment. In other words: a proud employee is probably a happy employee. Also, the new colleague on board might get the extra confirmation of their career choice.

The target audience will
be happy, as well as (new)
Who else?

It’s also us, graphic designers and communication specialists who are happy. A brand manifesto is the fuel for short copy, taglines and a true enrichment for branding. A design becomes so much more powerful when it connects with copy. With everything we develop in communication and branding, we want to know what the (brand’s) goal is, so that what we develop feels logical and clear. For our client who wants to be heard, an employee who shares it with their followers and also the target audience who understands and loves the brand for it.


To give an answer to the header of this article, whether it’s nonsense or a good story: if you’re not critical or putting enough effort in, it will for sure backfire and turn into nonsense. Maybe easy for the short term, but we prefer to focus on the long term. A sincere story that tells the unique vision and beauty of the brand. That defrosts even the most critical clients. Besides simply delivering good products and services.

Curious if a brand manifesto is something for you?

Let’s meet and chat. We’re happy to sit down with you and find out if this can be a good addition for your brand and communication.