Brand strategy, an expensive and invisible investment.

A questionable headline for this article. You’re right and it’s not true either. Initially you invest in something that you cannot directly touch or see. The result however will work for your brand in the long term. Visually and in tone of voice.

So you do it for a good reason. But why exactly is it worth the investment?

Often it’s mentioned by creative agencies. ‘We work from strategy.’ Nice, but why? To answer that directly: strategy forms the basis for all visual and verbal appearances of your brand or organization. How your brand looks and how it sounds. If this is all clear and settled, then you don’t have to focus on that anymore. And strategy has a much further effect than you initially expect. A detailed brand strategy is ‘hallelujah’ for designers. Nothing is better than creating a design for a brand that has clear frameworks and, above all, clear ambitions. Then a design that fits will be created. Then it goes even further. Copywriters can also write text that fits perfectly. This will immediately improve your brand.

It’s even more than ‘just an expensive briefing’. Yes, a designer is of course one of the first to benefit from the strategy input, but managers at client side also get the tools to express themselves better. They can lead better, because their employees understand the route. It even makes finding new employees easier because you hit the right tone, which should attract the right and likeminded candidates. Do we need to mention your target audience? About how they feel addressed and identify with your brand because they understand you by what they see and hear?

An on point brand strategy can cause companies and organizations to make bold decisions, like expand their range of products and services. Or to limit down. Because with the right strategy it becomes clear what your brand needs to become successful. Or to stay successful.

Starting up a brand strategy gives you energy to continue.

Let’s talk about another side of brand strategy. How it ensures to keep your business alive. When you do a thorough clean up of the brand, saying goodbye to habits, making new habits, dusting off some things… this will make you look more cleary at the future. Keep up the fun of entrepreneurship and enjoy what it all started with.


And if you are starting a new brand or company: brand strategy is the confirmation of your good idea. Be surprised you now will start up even more enthusiastically. When you see a designer’s first concept, based on the strategy of course, that’s the moment you fully understand the investment you did not see at first.

Is brand strategy for you?

Let’s meet and chat. We’re happy to sit down with you and find out if this can be a good addition for your brand and communication.