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In an ‘ideal space’ you can feel what it’s about. The right focus, getting extra motivated or the ultimate relaxation. Ideal Projects designs these ideal interiors. They look at what really is needed. No superfluous details or unnecessary distractions, no polluting materials or needless production. It’s just exactly what is needed. And with that an office is created in which you work with focus. Or a hotel lobby where you experience well-being. Or an accessible bar that you like to visit.

The first step in developing the brand identity is focus on what you stand for as an organization. Ideal Projects delivers sublime results that seamlessly match the client’s needs, but what is the underlying vision? And what about values ​​and approach? What is the intrinsic drive of the team? What connects them? These are tough questions, especially to answer for yourself when you’re in the middle of that all day. Therefor we help Ideal Projects to align ambitions, set priorities and become balanced.

The Ideal Projects brand story is the kick-start of the new brand identity. It tells how the vision is mixed with the everyday approach of projects, how it connects every part and brings it all back to the essence. This brings us also the tagline ‘We design and build your essential space’.

The visual concept is then the conclusive component where Ideal Projects fully explains their vision. Sophisticated black and white, where images of projects and people get all the attention. In addition, ‘essential space’ is literally shown in the logo and visual elements and implemented in the website and presentation materials. Essential with international allure. The complete brand identity underlines the reduction to the essence: It is not about what you see, but about what you feel.

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