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BE O turns the plastic industry upside down. Oil is out. Bioplastic is in. How about a water bottle made from sugar cane? This is one of the first products BE O puts on the market. Why? Because the time is now to really take care of the earth.

In collaboration with Fanny Evers we started with brand strategy. We immerse ourselves in our target group. The group that can make a difference: the millennials. What really appeals to this group? How do we get them motivated? “Sophisticated activism” is the outcome for this innovative BE O product. We create a brand that takes a stand. An outspoken brand making outspoken choices: only a white and a black bottle. Activistic, but the brand needs to look good too, right? Say no more, let’s get started.

RFT-O developed a style that matches the bottles. Black and white. And okay, a little bit of color. Further, we have solid forms, striking short copy and photography to ensure a strong introduction to the market.

With the BE O-style we created bottle labels with a message and a one-pager website with a mission: no more oil plastic. A product that needs to be seen. For the introduction we came up with a mobile shop for ‘protest on location’. We are entering a new era with the BE O bottle. Action now!

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