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on intuition

Hearth Connected is for people who want to live life to the fullest. Who want to grow, who want to discover their strengths and want to listen to what their heart actually has to say. A retreat, coaching and breathing training is transformative and life-changing. Direct and down to earth. That’s what Heart Connected does.

In many other projects, RFT-O dives into hard facts, solid brand strategies and indisputable statistics. With Heart Connected we took a slightly different approach. After all, it’s already in the name, so we align the design process with the context.

‘Feeling and connection’ is the starting point for the visual translation. Various shapes and colors co-exist, but with a purpose and on a grid. The logo connects the visual brand into one entity and in copy we write that Heart Connected is all about feelings, but we make sure it never gets too ‘floaty’.

So this is how the brand presents itself: listen more to your feelings but act on them successfully. That’s a strength people can find in themselves, with a little help and love from Heart Connected.

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