Acceleration of energy transition

Already things are being done regarding the energy transition. People talk inclusive and sustainable, but the implementation is still small, fragmented and (too) slow. That is why GroenGeleerd focuses on the acceleration and integrality of sustainable energy transition. By positioning itself overarching and connecting existing and own initiatives on a new platform. So we can learn from each other, make a good start and achieve results faster.

GroenGeleerd (an initiative of Sprong SuRe) is an 'online place' for sharing valuable knowledge in the field of sustainable energy transition. With specific knowledge from experimental areas, new and similar cities/districts/areas can easily start up their projects without having to start from scratch. With the initiative all aspects on sustainable energy transition are included. Not only the technical and economic aspects, but also the social aspects.

This project is supported by lecturers, researchers and students from Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. The result is a dynamic online environment that will be active for a longer period of time and even will be further developed. Ultimately, it will become a place where other universities, governments and citizens/residents can meet and get their information.

For us in the strategic preliminary phase, terms such as 'inspiring' and 'a bit rebellious' emerged: that is what it should cause for the user and the audience. An invitation to (further) work on your project related to sustainable energy transition. The whimsical literal shapes of the experimental areas form the basis of the style. The more experimental areas joining, the richer the style. Overlapping, combinations and fusion create an endless set of fascinating shapes and contours. The style is applied to a stable and accessible online platform that offers space for dynamic valuable content for a green future.

Learned young is done green.

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