We are making tomorrow work

Since 1955, Drentea has been developing and producing project furniture for the business market. It’s a company that you will really appreciate once you get to know it. High-end design from robust steel plates, simply made in Emmen. Drentea creates workplaces where you would like to come back. A story that needs to be told!

We sharpen the ambitions and make the brand promises clear: this is what we need for the brand story. The Drentea manifesto is part of the new strategy and it is also the start of the visualization of the brand. We are going from Office Furniture to Future Office. This change also helps the internal organization with knowing their true identity. Drentea is not just a supplier of office furniture, but a full-service furnisher which gives all clients a pleasant (working) day.

The basis of the new style combines the best of both worlds: sturdy shapes cut from steel plates in combination with the refined, stylish logo. The colors also come from the factory itself: heavy machines in strong colors and some light pastels, all the way up to bright high lights. A nice range to work with.

With smart applied photography we present the Drentea products: high-end design simply made in Emmen. It shows how the robust factory ultimately leads to refined furniture. By working with inspiring color combinations and arrangements, we showcase Drentea products, suitable for any interior. In addition to the products, we also visualize the factory, the professionals, and the raw materials. Now we are telling the whole story. Not only in text, but also in images; from raw material to production and premium products as a must have in any office.

Drentea is now telling their story and presents the brand to the market in full glory. It’s the brand that stands out and leaves the competition behind. Drentea is ready for the future. Because they make sure that tomorrow works.

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