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A corporate brand does not have to be ‘an empty shell’. It offers space for individual brands to be part of something bigger. To become efficient partners instead of competitors. Using the opportunity to become more powerful and more relevant in the market. It’s time to step it up and make an impact.

We start at the beginning: what are the similarities of the individual brands? Where do they connect for what we want to preach? What do we really think? After a few intensive sessions, it is unanimous: strong brands that work together and make choices together ensure a major positive impact. Greater than individual choices.

To kick-start this group vision RFT-O writes a strong manifesto. A brand story that tells the world what the starting point is for each individual brand. And internally it tells what the direction is for future activities. Because, as the group believes, the choices we make today affect the world of tomorrow. Tomorrow is calling. We have the answers.

As a corporate brand, the Fair Furniture Group is in charge and sets the guidelines. The individual brands make the right choices within their expertise. So RFT-O developed the graphic style that connects this visually. With a recognizable palette, built up with colors of the individual brands, and a clear font makes the group visually stand out. A ‘certification mark’ has also been made and added to the logo set. For the individual brands to use and easily integrate into their own communication. To showcase the strength of being part of the group.

Further, a Social Sustainability Report has been developed for the Fair Furniture Group. With practical examples which gives a clear picture of what an ‘corporate group brand’ can achieve. Making the right choices together ensures a major impact. On humans, animals and the earth.

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