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From the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations to the Ministry of Defence. And from the The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) to the Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiaton Protection: the national government is versatile and extensive. With our society as the main target group.

When it comes to day-to-day affairs, amendments to the law, reporting about good and less good news that have an impact on society, clear communication is essential. With the rijkshuisstijl (government house style) as a solid basis, RFT-O designs clear visual communication assets for most diverse public subjects. An effective message that reaches the right people through the right channels.

RFT-O guards and respects the rijkshuisstijl, but we also push boundaries a bit. The government identity is versatile and we always see plenty of opportunities to create a distinctive proposal. A design that looks attractive and we also make sure that it’s visually accessible for everyone.

Working together with the national government is very satisfying, because our graphic design is used in communication with the largest target group imaginable: our society.

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