Event for your sustainable tent

There are an incredible number of tents unused in the attic. Too small, too big, too heavy... Pity! They can go on for many more vacations and therefore deserve a nice spot in the grass. That's why there is the Second Tent Event: the one-day campsite where buyers and sellers of secondhand tents meet. A great initiative to make sustainable choices top of mind when it comes to camping.

For the branding we make a bold statement and we also ensure that the sustainable aspect comes to life. The logo is (obviously) a tent, but combined with a recycle icon: simple and it speaks for itself. Further we add typical tent colours to the branding, such as beige and dark green and combine this with bright action colors. No doubt: selling your tent or just scoring a second-hand one is a party.

The images in the branding are a colorful collection of all kinds of tents: vintage oldies, but also modern second-hand ones. Versatile and a nice preview of what you will see at the pop-up campsite.

And the result? No less than 85% of the tents offered were sold during the first edition of Second Tent Event!

Event branding


In collaboration with

Petra Knoth
Festival organization

Michael Hastrich
Digital development