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‘Orchestra offers clients ‘night’s rest increasing service’…’ That was the answer of Roderik Bolle (partner and founder) on our question what it is that Orchestra does.

Orchestra is an investment manager who does things differently. We bring order and insight and we collect all that matters in one place for you. In short: no more hassle. Up till now nothing different than others… Yet Orchestra has a complete different approach for investment management: not asset based, but effort based. Orchestra asks a financial compensation which represents the work and not a percentage of the capital.

But how do you make this different approach visual and attractive? A simple metaphor makes complex matters insightful. You think sugar cubes don’t have anything to do with investment management, but let us surprise you. This combination stands out and triggers your attention. Also the sugar cube-concept appeared to be extremely versatile and suitable for visualising the complete Orchestra service. This concept, together with sharp and short copy and powerful typography comes in one place on the website: the most important channel, beside the personal contact. Now they do business really differently than others. Not only in services, but also in their visual appearance and tone-of-voice.

“Reactions on our new website and visual identity are predominantly positive. People are even surprised that we dare to step out in this world. New is scary, I always say.”

Roderik Bolle – Partner Orchestra

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  • Visual identityin collaboration with
  • Krista van der NietPhotography
  • Barbara Slagman Copy for web
  • Studio PitWeb development

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